Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 60: Chastening, not Chastising

Queridos family y amigos!

How do you like that Spanglish? Pretty good, eh? :)

Thank you to Mom for the little Kansas card you sent me with Madison's and Mikayla's marriage stuff!! And thank you to Eric for the letter and little wallet :)
Congrats to Madison and Mikayla (my cousins) on your marriage stuff!! :D that's super exciting but weird at the same time! and congrats to everyone else who has gotten married! Fun stuff!

The reason for the subject is that I have been thinking about this for a while...and my District Leader always tells me the difference between how the Lord chastens us, and never chastises us. He always reminds me when I feel sorrowful and super-repentant that the Lord does not chastise, He only chastens. And the scriptures tell us that we must be able to endure chastening - the Lord wants us to become better, to become like Him through the Atonement and grace of His perfect Son, so I'm doing my best to truly use the Atonement to change and become. I understand the doctrine of the Atonement almost perfectly, but I need to make it a part of my life and a part of my heart - to be able to do everything in my power and MORE through the Atonement like President Bell always says. He talks about the Atonement constantly, I love it :)

We talk a lot with one of our investigators about the difference between knowing something in our heads through our intellect and knowing something in our hearts through the Spirit of God. This morning I was doing some reflecting and I had a "Lord, is it I?" moment as the 12 Apostles did when Christ told them one of them was going to betray Him that night of the Last Supper. I realized that's exactly how I am. I know I have felt the power of the Atonement time and time again, but I am so much more familiar with it on an intellectual level, rather than truly feeling it strengthen and redeem and cleanse and motivate me every single day. I know as it becomes more of a part of me I will be able to testify of it more powerfully and help others use Christ's power in their lives too.

The Lord continues to humble me through my experiences. We had a tough week last week when nothing seemed to be coming through for us. Then today as we were walking into the library, there was a man who was mowing the lawn walking towards us. I said hello and had the feeling to continue to talk to him so I asked how his day was going and he answered and asked us if we were missionaries. Wait. Let me rewind. We have been praying for a Cornelius experience for quite some time. Read Acts 10 to know what I'm talking about :) we of course said yes then he asked us if we knew one of his relatives who had been talking with missionaries, we said no, and he went on to tell us about how he has met with TONS of missionaries before but would never commit to anything, but he still feels like something is missing in his life and knows exactly what it is (the Gospel). He set up an appointment for us to come to his home another day this week and we left him with a chapter in the Book of Mormon to read that would help him with his concern :) He was so excited to read it and to hear our perspective as Sister Missionaries because he has only met with Elders. It was a very humbling, incredible 5 minutes. Sister Hansen and I walked away just in awe and with so much gratitude :) Miracles, Brothers and Sisters, miracles!!!

Heavenly Father knows us and He's mindful of us. He loves us. I am so grateful He is mindful of a simple Sister Missionary in Hugoton, KS who is striving to be better and become who He wants her to be :) I love Him! Have an awesome week!!

Con todo mi corazon y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

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