Monday, August 3, 2015


Hello! Another week has flown by out here in Kansas!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINSEEEEEEY!!!!!! And Rizek on Wednesday! Happy days
:) hope you both have great birthdays!

Transfers are this week....President Bell called us last night and told us that I'm getting transferred to the Bel Aire Zone in Wichita (in his ward) and the Lord has called me to be a Sister Training Leader! It's like a Zone Leader...but for Sisters! It will be a huge learning curve and I'm excited to be in close contact with the Bells
so I can learn a ton from them. But in all honesty I am completely heartbroken about leaving Hugoton and western Kansas. :( so much has happened out here in the heartland, in the plains, and it just makes
me so sad to leave it. I have never cried over transfers before until now. I will miss Hugoton and the wonderful people here so so much. I love them! I just absolutely love them! This week I felt so overwhelmed with the joy of being a missionary and a disciple of Christ. There is nothing greater than those moments of pure joy that only come when we have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and we are striving to live it.

This week had its challenges, but so many more miracles of seeing the Lord's hand in preparing people to receive the gospel and leading us to them. One quick experience I'll share!

So it was like 5 minutes before we had to go in for the night and we still knew we had things to do that day before going in. We knocked a couple more dead doors but we knew we had to teach someone. We knocked
on a door we felt good about and they immediately let us in - a couple with a young daughter. We talked about Jesus Christ and His love for us and families. We showed the Because of Him video and one of them expressed how he has been praying a lot lately to receive direction and help from God. We testified to him that God hears and answers prayers and that's why He led us to their home! We invited them both to be baptized on August 29th and pray about it right then and there. We all bowed our heads as they prayed. When they finished, they described their feelings as "worriless" (don't know if that's a word, but that's what he said) and "just giddy and happy!!" We testified of the Spirit and that they were feeling God's answer to their specific question made through prayer :) we went back the next day and asked how their praying was going and they had prayed together as a family for the first time and felt so good about baptism!!! There is nothing like helping the Lord answer a prayer :)

I know the Lord is preparing and changing hearts - softening soil to be prepared for the seed of the Gospel like in the Parable of the Sower. This is the Lord's work. I know He leads and guides us everyday if we would just be willing to yield to his Spirit. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and it's here on the earth today in its
plainness and glory. Take new courage this week to share the Gospel and reach out to those in need of light and love.

Go change a frowning foe into a smiling friend :)

I love you all so much, have an awesome week!!

Con todo mi corazón y mi amor,
Hermana Shumway

Bye Hugoton!!

"Daughters of a Promise" District!! haha!!

Had to do a funny one! Haha!

Cross the border every week for District

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