Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 59 (7/20/15): "It's Harvest Time!!"

Another week has come and gone here in the heartland!!

I heard about the flood in Wickenburg and I'm so relieved that everyone is okay and receiving the help they need. Sending my love!

This quote in the subject was taken from Sister Hansen's talk in sacrament meeting yesterday! It is time to harvest the precious souls who have been prepared among the tares to receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ :) the time is now in the timetable of the Lord! He is pruning His vineyard for the last time and we need to remember that we were the ones who begged Him to spare the vineyard a little longer as it says in Jacob 5. The Branch Mission Leader wanted us to speak yesterday to excite the members and help them feel the sense of urgency of missionary work. We were grateful for the opportunity! It was such a great experience to share my greatest passion, which is, of course, missionary work!! :D It was cool to let the Spirit guide my remarks, something I had never really done before in a talk!

The members are getting excited because they are now asking US for copies of the Book of Mormon to give to their family members and friends :) I am excited to learn how to work more closely with the members. The Lord is definitely schooling me and helping me become a better missionary. If the temple is the Lord's University, the mission field is like the Lord's Boot Camp haha! I'm learning a ton and have a long way to go and I am so grateful.

Something I super love is that in the morning, Sister Hansen always prays that we will be an answer to someone's prayer that day. How cool is that?! We had an experience yesterday where we truly felt we were someone's answer to prayer. We knocked on a door after some plans hadn't gone through and the woman let us in. We sat down and began talking with her. She expressed some fears and worries she is feeling due to a situation in her family. We were able to testify to her of God's plan for His children, specifically addressing her concern and fear. The response was miraculous :) she was overcome with the Spirit and tears came to her eyes as she felt the veracity of the simple truth we had shared with her. She said sshe had never before heard what we told her, but it entered her heart with such force and she felt such peace that she couldn't deny it. It was powerful!! :)

As you all know, I love being a missionary. It is more than I could ever thank my Heavenly Father for. I am grateful that I get to literally take the name of Jesus Christ upon me every single day. That is a cause of great reflection. Do I really represent the Savior in all I do? As I ponder on that, I know there are changes I need to make, but because of Him, I can :) I love Him so much. I know that as we strive constantly to become more like the Savior, we will feel the influence of the Spirit stronger in our lives and we will be more capable to lift and inspire others to accept His invitation, "Come, Follow Me."

Keep shining brightly :) Thank you for all of your love and prayers. I feel them!!

Con todo mi corazon y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

I stepped in a puddle!

Sweeeet sunsets!!!

A little girl from the branch gave us these pictures after our
talks in sacrament meeting :)

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