Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 58 (7/13/15: There is nothing better than being a missionary.

Heylo!!! This is a true statement! :)

Thank you mom and dad for sending me a postcard!

Okay I'm trying to use Siri to type this cuz I super don't love using
my iPad to email....but we're in Garden City for a stake Pday so I
don't have a choice!! Anyways, I hope you all had an awesome week! It
flew by for me... We had a really awesome week with finding new
families to teach and bringing a lot of less actives to church on
Sunday :) the work is progressing in Hugoton! Thank you for all of
your prayers!

We started teaching someone who doesn't have a religious background
this week and it's been awesome to help him understand who God and
Jesus Christ are and the plan they have for us. He said when we first
met him that his opportunity to learn was gone because he didn't grow
up with religion. We are so happy we can help him come to know the
Gospel and the Savior even though he's an adult. He came to church and
just has so many questions and wants to know everything. It's awesome.
:) we are learning a lot from teaching him!

I learned a lot this week about working hard and working smart with
members to help them in THEIR missionary work in order to truly make a
difference in the areas in which I'm serving. I think we're getting
there in Hugoton :) I am learning so much about how to work
effectively with members. I'm definitely not there yet, but progress
is being made!

I have been studying in the Bible and focusing on what kinds of
questions the Savior asks in His teachings. It's super interesting - I
love reading the words of the Savior and trying to emulate Him.

I know that sacrifice is all the Lord requires of us. Through
sacrificing our will and our desires for His we can become instruments
in His hands and truly change lives. Sacrifice truly brings forth the
powers of heaven. Sacrifice is required always. Especially when it
comes to living the commandments. It is the most intelligent thing we
can do. Sacrificing ourselves, our lives, our desires....and as we
give up more of ourselves, we gain more of Him. :)

I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week!

Con todo I'm amor y mi corazon,

Hermana Shumway

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