Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 69: "He was kind of we taught him the Law of Chastity."

A missionary classic. Oh we laughed so hard!!! Hahahaha the Elders
said it was exactly what their investigator needed though!

Sooo this week in Kansas was awesome! We had zone conference on
Wednesday where I had to give my departing testimony cuuuuuz the next
zone conference is after I go home! So that was dumb! But good, I'm
sure it would have been way worse if I actually do go home soon. But
zone conference was sure awesome. I love learning from President Bell.
He is such an inspired man and I look up to him so much! He always
focuses on the Atonement and building faith in Christ. He is
definitely helping me lay a great foundation for life. My favorite
part of zone conference was when President and Sister Bell let us as
them questions about marriage and family. They set up a cute little
living room complete with a rug and a fake fireplace! (They are so
cute!) That was very insightful!

A really awesome thing we started doing this week is practicing
teaching on the members! So this is how it works. We go to their home,
they choose who they want to pretend to be (non members), pick their
situation (first visit or follow up visit) and then we teach them like
we would teach their friends!! It was miraculous and super edifying
for all!! It was so much easier to teach in a home where the Holy
Ghost already is!!! It was awesome for the members because afterwards
they felt so much more motivation to share the gospel with the people
they were acting as. We are going to keep doing it!!! One of the
members is actually setting up a dinner and lesson in their home with
us and their friends! Keep you posted on that!

Hey! Conference is this weekend!!!! 3 new apostles! It's going to be
crazy cool. We have an investigator named Cashley who is preparing to
be baptized on October 24th (he has been taught forever and finally
made a solid commitment to ACT!!!) told us that one thing he does not
like is that he has been in church for his whole life and he never
knew there was a prophet on the earth today until he came to the LDS
church. He was very upset about that! He thinks we should be talking
about that all the time! The whole world needs to know what a prophet
of God is saying!! So....because of Cashley, and for the sake of
others who feel as he does, invite a friend to listen to God's
ordained servants by watching General Conference this weekend! Do it
out of love and offer some food and they can't say no! Just kidding.
:) really. We all need to know how to prepare for the Second Coming of
Jesus Christ.

MIRACLES. Tons happened this week. One that stands out to me today is
Bertha! We taught Bertha the restoration on the doorstep and gave her
a Book of Mormon and invited her to read it and be baptized. We didn't
follow up for a long time because we wrote down her phone number
wrong! Finally we saw her again and she had read some and felt the
Spirit. Right then we invited her again to be baptized on a specific
date. She accepted and we told her what to do to prepare. She is
already living the commandments!!! We then invited her to pray about
the date specifically. She did and she said she felt joy and peace!!
It was a miracle! We love her and are excited to help her! And Cashley
(as mentioned above) accepted to be baptized next month too! He is
really expecting and looking forward to feeling the fire of the Holy
Ghost :) he knows his stuff!

Well family and friends. I love you and I love Kansas. And Oklahoma :) haha
I love being a missionary. This week I learned through exchanges with
Sister Furner that we don't really want to be confident....would you
describe the Savior as being confident? Yeah..that made us ponder a
lot. Our confidence should come from knowing who we are as Daughters
of God and knowing that because of that divine nature, our potential
is....limitless! Our confidence lies in knowing who we are and knowing
who Christ is. During Christ's 40 day fast, Satan's attacks were to
persuade Christ to deny His own divine nature. "If you are the Son of
God..." and he will try to get us to do the same. There is SO much
power in just knowing who we are.
Heavenly Father loves us.
Come listen to a prophet's voice this weekend :) and tell everyone
else to do so as well!!!

I lalalalalalovvvve you!!!

Con todo mi corazón y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

Posterity pic!! Sister Rosell is training.

Went to McDonald's.....she ordered an oreo
a frappe instead.....yeah. That's a bummer. Can't even give
it away!

I love Sister Furner!!!

Exchange lunch with the Newton Sisters!

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