Friday, October 9, 2015

Weel 68: "Now....jump into my arms!!"

Hellooooooo from Kansas!!!!!

So this week was good as they all are as a missionary :) and all of
them forever after will be because missions don't end and we can
always be disciples of Christ!

For some reason a TON of people we met and taught this week got
anti-ed, meaning they "researched" the Church, found information they
didn't understand fully, then told us they didn't want us to come
back, EVEN THOUGH after we taught them the Restoration and had a
spiritual experience with them we TOLD them that Satan doesn't want
them to find the truth or have everlasting life or even just be happy
and will do all he can to turn them away from Christ's gospel by
putting doubts in their head through their "research" or friends
or....whatever and to make sure they ASK US if they have questions or
concerns and we can help them understand. None of them did that
though. :( a decision that will determine their destiny... So that was
way sad. But that just means there are lots more other people who can
and want to be baptized!!

This week we got new missionaries!!!! So Sister Bringhurst and I got
to take out a couple Sisters and get to WORK for a few hours!! The
goal was to help them invite someone to be baptized!! I was with
Sister Samani and it was so fun! I loved just getting to knock doors
and talk to everyone :)) I loved seeing all the miracles with a new
Sister and helping her have an awesome first day! It caused me to
reflect on my first day in Kansas....inviting someone to be baptized
and read the Book of Mormon at a gas station :) I still remember how
willing he was to follow Christ! Gas station contacting...always good
cuz the people can't go anywhere! Haha

A lot of the part member families we are working with... Don't get how
super important the Gospel is to live RIGHT NOW. So we had a couple
lessons with the member part of the part member families testifying
HARD CORE how time is running out and now is the time and day of their
salvation. I hope they felt the Spirit so we can teach their families
and help them progress.

Yesterday, we found another LOST SHEEP!!!! It was awesome! We met her
a few weeks ago and thought she was a potential investigator, but then
when we went to follow up with her yesterday, we were teaching her
about the story of the Book of Mormon and when Jesus Christ came and
taught the people in the Americas and she was super excited to read
it! Then I told her how baptism is so important to Jesus Christ, that
was the first thing he taught to the people here - ya know warming up
to the challenge for baptism - and she all of a sudden told us she was
baptized in the LDS church when she was 14!!!! We were like WHAT!?!
And she wants us to teach her kids!!! It was great :) I love it!

Anyway....missionary life is the best and I love it. And I love you.
And I love Jesus Christ.
The end!

Con todo mi corazón y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

P.S. Happy Anniversary to Aaron and Alicia!! Love you guys!!

Sister Samani and I!!

Ward camp-out fun!! I love these people!!


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