Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 70: We Thank Thee, Oh God, for a Prophet!!

What's up from Wichita!!!

 I forgot to say thank you to Mom for sending me a post card last
 week!! I love that you're doing that :)

This week was super great! With lots of great things with of course
some disappointing things. But the BEST thing was watching General
Conference and feeling the reality of the perfection of Jesus Christ's
Church on the Earth. Can you deny the confirming witness from the
Spirit that those men are called of God? Nope! I have never been more
excited to read and reread the talks!!

So on exchanges this week I was riding another Sister's bike and it
got STOLEN!! Yeah. That was a sad realization when we got out of the
appointment! Haha very interesting. No one wanted to hear from a girl
on a bike....that's fine. You'll just hear it on foot ;) haha

Talking about general conference and a living Prophet on the Earth
today definitely softened some hearts this week!! Especially with one
of our investigators named Marlo. When we first met her she
immediately told us she wasn't interested. We were in her neighborhood
again this past week when she just happened to step outside her home!
We followed up with the past commitment we extended and started
telling her about general conference!! She immediately opened up and
told us her life story of spiritual experiences and accepted a Book of
Mormon and wanted to learn more!!! She did watch some of conference
this weekend and we are excited to talk to her more!!

Super funny thing happened this week!! We went to dinner at a member's
elderly home apartment place and she paraded us all around the
cafeteria place introducing us to everyone and all her friends and
they were asking us all these questions about what we do and one of
them, Sue, came over to our table later and asked if we would come and
meet with her and answer some of her questions!! Who woulda thought!?
It was funny :) she read the Book of Mormon when she was 17!! I just
wanted to record our whole time was pretty funny :)

Another miracle!! Before conference on Sunday we were feeling a little
discouraged with the lack of people desiring to progress and be
baptized. We said a prayer when we left the apartment just PLEADING
with the Lord to help us find the people who are prepared. We went and
saw someone we met the night before, and she had been reading in the
Book of Mormon and wants to know more and be baptized!!! It was
awesome. Total miracle and answer to prayer. That was really watered
down, but I promise it was such a tender mercy.

I love everything about this, with all the bitter and the sweet. :)

 Con todo mi amor y mi corazón,

Hermana Shumway

Oh snap!!! Another miracle! A member brought a friend to conference
and she LOVED IT!!! She felt the spirit strongly and knows those men
are called of God. Tender mercies all around even when things are
looking bleak. Faith in Jesus Christ is really all we need to take
part in the Lord's miracles. :) I love Him!

Zone conference.

Mom - isn't this awesome?!

We wrote a song last week! It's super good and everyone loves
it!! I'll send it soon.

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