Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 38: "Do you love Christ?"

Before I forget!!!!
Happy birthday on Saturday to baby Rigdon!! I love you so much, Rig! And happy birthday to Landon on Sunday, the 8th!! I remember the day Landon was born, I was heading off to France!! So crazy how time flies!

Thank you for all of the pictures from the wedding - Cara and Kendon of course looked STUNNING. I am so grateful so many people were there to support them on that day.
Thank you to Mom and Dad for the scarf and sweet note. Thank you to Melissa for the Valentine's Card and thank you to Eric for the "letter" ;) I love you all!!

So. The quote in the subject is that of Sister Mendoza :) We got a referral from Church headquarters this week - someone had gone on to Mormon.org and had requested a Bible! So we went to go contact this referral. Knocked the wrong door unknowingly. An old man answered. We told him who we were looking for and explained that she had requested a Bible! He invited us in and proceeded to show us HIS collection of Bibles and tons of other religious books and was like "here! take whatever you like!" and we were like "uhh no.." and explained everything again and was like "oh! well she doesn't live here!" and all this stuff. But we looked through his books and I was like "hmmm it looks like you're missing a pretty important one!" (talking about the Book of Mormon) and then he did have one!! It was a super old copy that he had bought from a yard sale! It was pretty cool. So we started to teach him a bit and he wasn't really responding...then Sister Mendoza said "Do you love Christ?" like soooo sincerely. And he said "well, look here, I didn't invite you in to hear a sermon...." and went on and Sister Mendoza was like "oh no! that's not what I meant!" haha Noheli and I were laughin and it's been a joke ever since :) No worries, Sister Mendoza laughs too :)

This week was a tough one, I will admit. BUT! I am so grateful for the Atonement and the Sacrament which has helped me stay happy and hopeful in Jesus Christ :) District meeting was AMAZING this week. Totally a testimony to me how Heavenly Father truly knows us and knows what we need and answers our prayers. I think I was kinda going through a "mid-mission-crisis" haha just thinking about the past 9 months and all that I've learned and all that's happened...then District Meeting was all about fulfilling our purpose as missionaries and I just loved it. Always such a cool reminder of the special calling we have :) Totally pumped me up for the week!

So. I officially have NO luck with cars. One of the sisters in the ward had her baby shower on Saturday and we were going to go and support her. We had just loaded up the car with all of our stuff and Sister Mendoza was getting all the snow off the car. She asked me if I would start the car so it would warm up. I did it of course, I pressed a button on the opener thing in the process and didn't think much of it. *Meanwhile, we are on a phone call with the district discussing how we can be more unified so I'm obviously distracted* Then I closed the door. Wait a second. I tried to open it and....it was locked. The car was on, our keys to the apartment were inside along with all of our stuff - except our phone. hahaha I was just laughing so hard. It was just quite the morning. haha then a member called the locksmith and paid for it to get unlocked. Such a tender mercy. I love the people here :) they are incredible!!

I love you all so much! Happy Eternity, Cara and Kendon!!

I think of you often, I am so blessed to be a missionary carrying this perfect message to the people of Kansas!!

Con todo mi corazon y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

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