Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 40: "No PUNK'D cameras here!!"

Hahahaha my subject line is another glorious quote from the dear Sister Mendoza :))

This story first, I suppose! So yesterday, we had an appointment fall through. I have never been so happy an appointment fell through in my life!! Because of the miracle that happened as a result. A recent convert was with us so we decided to go see Raquel and her two young sons. She is one of our investigators who is having a really tough time financially. We have been teaching her for only a few weeks. She has a desire to be baptized, but because of her financial stresses, she has had trouble making that big, important decision - she wants to make sure she is 100% committed to it. So we went over, just to uplift her and talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how there is so much hope to be found in Him. The recent convert, Sister Medrano, got to asking her questions about what is going on and turns out they have had very similar lives!! Sister Medrano asked her a very inspired question about her past work experience and was able to suggest a job opportunity with her sister's trucking business!!! I won't explain all of the details because it's a little personal, but we all had goosebumps and were just like " this real life?!?" and Sister Mendoza said "No PUNK'D cameras here!!!" and I just DIED laughing...hahahaha it was so funny. I love her :)

The Basilio family told us they don't want to switch religions right now, but we went to our appointment with them anyway and found out the real story. The mom and one of the daughters are really interested and still want to be baptized, but the dad and the rest of the family say they want to look around at other churches more before they make a decision. They agree with that to an extent but the mom knows that she's not going to really find anything that she will be as interested in as what we are teaching her about the Church of Jesus Christ. I know there is only one truth :) And how grateful I am to know that.

Man, so many miracles I don't know what to say!! Time just keeps flying by and I wish it wouldn't. Sister Mendoza is almost done with Now that's insane.

I look back at the last 9 months and see that I could have done better, could have done more for the Lord. But I know in every one of those moments in the last 9 months, I did my best. And I am so grateful that the Lord is patient with me in my growth and my progression. It is truly line upon line, precept upon precept. You know what they say, hindsight is 20/20 :) I am looking SO forward to the next 9 months. I know they will be miraculous. I have been studying a lot of testimonies of the Savior by prophets, ancient and modern. I KNOW He lives. I have felt His strength. It is tangible. I love Him and am so grateful I have full access to His redeeming grace because I have made sacred covenants with Him. I love Him :)
President Bell always says that we don't need to be stressed or overwhelmed, the Savior is here. He is doing His work! I am so blessed to have the privilege of working alongside of Him in this labor of love among God's children here in Garden City, Kansas! I love this place!!
I love all of you! Have such an amazing week! Hold nothing back!

Con todo mi corazon y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

Exchanges with Sister Valdivia! She was also trained by
Sister Hymas!

9 month pregnancy pic!!! :D I don't have a
tie to burn soooo..... :)

Garden City Buffalo's!!

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