Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 41: "Delicious to Me!"


I hope you all had such a fabulous week last week!!! Happy birthday TODAY to little Beau!! I love you! Sarah and Brent, give him lots of hugs and kisses from me!! Thank you to Rizek for the letter!! For anyone who desires to send me anything, please send it to the mission address in Wichita because next week is transfers and, dare I say it, I might not be here in Garden City. (waaaah :(( )

7011 E. 13th St. N.
Wichita, KS 67206

Reason for the subject line: the Gospel is just delicious to me :) Quote from Alma 32 in the Book of Mormon - check it out :)

Yesterday at church, I translated for Relief Society (the class for the women)!!!!! :D Usually we split up for Relief Society - the Spanish-speaking sisters going to one room and the English-speaking sisters going to another to have the class. But yesterday, the sister who was supposed to give the lesson in English didn't come to church so the sister who was assigned to give the class in Spanish taught the class to everyone and I was asked to translate to English! It was awesome!! I was grateful I didn't just push it off to Sister Mendoza, cuz it was super fun!! I am going to translate next week for testimony meeting - from English into Spanish. I am very excited for the challenge! I love Spanish!

This week we had specialized training and all the mission cars got outfitted with the glorious tiwis!!! (teewees) These little nifty things (I'll attach a picture) are driving coaches! When you accelerate too fast, push on the breaks too hard, go over a bump too fast, or drive without wearing your seatbelt, it tells you and a violation automatically goes to the mission president and to Salt Lake, I think...Everyone who can drive (so not me) got a little card to log in and log out of the device, so everyone has their own little mission driving record. Pretty fancy, eh? :) Glad I don't have to worry about that!!

I have been praying a lot for charity and to know how to show more charity to those we are teaching. Specialized training was a HUGE answer to that prayer as we learned about MBCs - Mutual Binding Commitments. When we covenant with the Lord through baptism or in the temple, He sets the terms of the covenant, we accept to live it and keep it, and He promises to bless us in return. It is ALWAYS 2 ways. But when we give a commitment to an investigator, less active, member...what do we do as the missionaries? Sometimes nothing. SO. With these MBCs we are changing that. Every time we extend a commitment, we are to commit ourselves to do something as well, something that will help the other person keep their commitment. It's AWESOME. As the Assistants to the President role played or showed us how to do this, I felt the Spirit so so strongly. I am excited to learn how to do it effectively so those we serve can feel of our Christlike love for them. President Bell is so inspired.

Okay, this email is really long, but here's some miracles for this week.

The greatest miracle is to see the Atonement of Jesus Christ change the hearts and lives of others. On Saturday, a friend of a recent convert/returning less active couple got baptized. All of heir lives are completely different. It brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. How grateful I am to have a front row seat to see those changes and to see those I truly love embrace the Gospel so fully. They are such examples to me because they still struggle keeping some important commandments, but they are working on them and not letting that hold them back from being active. They are incredible.

We met Elizabeth on Sunday, March 15. So that means we have known her for about a week. The first day we met her, we were with her recent convert aunt who is preparing to go to the temple. Her family had been taught by missionaries in the past but never got baptized. Last Sunday we invited her again to be baptized and she accepted for the 4th of April. We were stoked!! Always a miracle :) Throughout the week she read the Book of Mormon everyday and prayed to know if it was true and if Joseph Smith truly was a prophet of God. She feels it is true. So yesterday after church, we gave her a little tour - sitting in the chapel with her and showing her the baptismal font and invited her to be baptized on the 28th of March (THIS WEEKEND) instead. We knelt and she prayed about it and feels that she is ready and wants to do it. What great faith!!!!! This week we have a LOT of work to do to help her prepare for that day. What a miracle :)

I love this work, I love Jesus Christ.

I love all of you! Have the best week ever!

Con todo mi corazon y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

SELFIE - Such nice weather this week!

Elder Cole (our district leader) drawing Lehi's dream!
1 Nephi 8 - check it out :)


A Burmese man showing us his Burmese
Bible!! SO so cool. Did you know the
Book of Mormon isn't printed in Burmese?
Someone should really work on that cuz he
REALLY wanted one - he asked us for
it!! And there's lots of people who live
here from Burma who would really love

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