Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 46: Guymon is now Holy Ground :)

Last week had a miraculous start and continued to be miraculous all the way through so of course that was wonderful!!

I can't believe I forgot this last week, but Happy Anniversary to the cutest couple I know, my Mommy and Daddy! Hope you are enjoying your time in Hawaii!!

Thank you to the Sorensen Family for your Easter package! I finally got it from Garden City and I loved it :) I can't believe Shay is going to be 8....I...I just can't believe it. Thank you to Shay and Ashley for the letters :)

So one of the greatest miracles of my mission happened on Monday night. We had a super great start to the Pday missionary work beginning with calling a member to have a member lesson - which was suuuper awkward, neither of us had ever done that before, but it turned out to be something that the member really needed to hear - then having a successful lesson with a less active, then we felt like we needed to go contact an investigator who isn't really progressing. So we did and her sister-in-law, Roseann, opened the door. She tells us that Sherry, who we meant to visit, was sleeping. Then Roseann just starts talking, and keeps talking, about her life, about her struggles, about her worries, everything. Just spilling it all out saying "I don't even know why I'm telling you all of this! For some dumb reason I trust you girls!" She never let us inside, but she stepped outside and kept talking! Expressing her concerns about religion and feelings towards God and just kept going! We testified of Jesus Christ, of His love and His power. We asked if she believed God sent us to her. She said yes, and she knows she is supposed to learn something from us - "you weren't sent here to talk to Sherry, you were sent here to talk to me!" :) We invited her to read the Book of Mormon and be baptized. Miraculously, she had been talking to her kids about getting baptized the other day! She accepted to be baptized on May 16th :) She is awesome. She is looking for answers and she will find them as she continues to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.
Sister Rosell and I were floored. She was testifiying to us at the end of the visit about how much she needs us right now and how she knows this is God reaching out to her and we were just bawling - we could not believe the miracle. After 3 weeks of just short glimmers of light and so much darkness, finally Heavenly Father released the flood light :) We just hugged and cried all the way home, on bikes, in the rain. We are soooo grateful :) Then we found out she doesn't live in our area....or even our mission.....haha BUT! We worked it all out and we're allowed to teach her and she can be baptized in Guymon!!

The next day we had a follow up lesson with her, where she asked so many questions and introduced us to her friend Melissa who wanted to meet with us after Roseann told her all about our meeting the day prior. She is now preparing to be baptized on May 16th as well! Miracles happen when the people we teach KNOW without a doubt we are representatives of the Lord, Jesus Christ :)

Miracles continued to follow as we found a few new families to teach who are all looking for a church and looking for truth. A family we met Friday, who let us come back Saturday, attended church on Sunday and also invited members of their family to come too! So that was super awesome :) We have several progressing investigators and lots of progressing less active members. The work is moving forward here in Guymon, Oklahoma!!!

This week we also did SO MUCH SERVICE. Oh my word, so much service. It was awesome! We met with a few different people in the community who could point us towards the service opportunities and we are so excited to get involved! This weekend is Pioneer Days in Guymon - probably just as big of a deal as Gold Rush Days is in Wickenburg, everything revolves around it - so we are helping a bit with that, we wish we could help more, but our little trip to Wichita this weekend to hear Elder Holland kinda threw a wrench in that! Of COURSE we are so stoked beyond comparison to hear and see Elder Holland in the flesh, but we are also bummed we are missing that SOLID opportunity to meet SO many people and tell them about our message about Jesus Christ :)
This week for service, Sister Rosell and I did the concession stand during the Guymon Community Theatre's show for Pioneer Days! It took us back to our performing days and it was so much fun :) We also were able to show the love of Christ to someone in desperate need as we helped them around their house. I just love ministering - when people think there's no hope, I am so grateful that I can testify of Jesus Christ and bring that hope back :)

It was a crazy week, with so much walking, so much serving, and so many miracles!!
This week is going to be even better as we prepare to hear an apostle of the Lord speak. I hope and pray I will be prepared to receive the revelation the Lord needs me to receive in order to help the Guymon Branch and my investigators reach their potential and also to know what I need to do to become a better servant of Him :)

I love you all so so much!
I hope you have such an awesome week!

Con todo mi corazon y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

Sister Rosell and I!

Serving at the GCT!!!

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