Thursday, April 9, 2015

Week 43


Thanks Mommy for the letter and the package! I love you!!

The beginning of this week was pretty crazy trying to get everything together for transfers, but the Lord of course did not fail to show me some miracles before leaving Garden City.

So Tuesday, right before I was supposed to head out to Wichita with another Sister, we went and visited Xaviera in the hospital with her new baby! The Elders came too, to give her a blessing. It was SO powerful. The Spirit was so strong. In the blessing, the Elder said some very specific things that Xaviera has been thinking about lately. It brought her to tears. She has changed so much through the Atonement. Jesus Christ and His true Gospel has softened her heart more than I can describe and I will forever be humbled that I had the glorious opportunity of seeing that :) I will forever remember Garden City with such fondness because I saw the Atonement at work in so many lives!!

And now....I'm in GUYMON. Oh man oh man, I'm in Oklahoma, people! I am in the process of learning the area, of course, but I know I'm going to love it here. I am speaking tons of Spanish and learning a lot of Spanish, too! I know this will be a place of so much progression :) Sister Rosell is awesome! I'm excited to get to know her better :) Some quick miracles:

We are working with the Almeida family - and they watched both sessions of conference on Sunday by themselves!!! So awesome :)

We met a family last night who want to get baptized and change their lives!! We are excited to keep working with them :)

We met 2 women outside one day who are both really struggling with addictions. Sister Rosell and I committed to not eat chocolate if they would put down their addiction for 24 hours!! It was awesome! One of them did it! I love HELPING people come unto Christ.
I am excited to meet more members here in Guymon and truly serve them :)

Wasn't General Conference AMAZING!? I know that those men are called of God to lead Christ's original church. How grateful I am to know that and sustain them :) I invite you all to pour over the Ensigns when those messages are printed. Their words will keep up us firmly founded in Jesus Christ. They will guide us safely back to our heavenly home.

Happy Easter! Because Jesus Christ lives, it doesn't matter who you are, or who you were, He is here. He LOVES every single one of us and His arm of mercy is extended to all. How grateful I am for His infinite sacrifice that redeems so much more than sin. He gives me power to change and overcome. How I wish and plead with others to just make the choice to let Him in. He will not force us to love Him, to reach out to Him, to obey Him. But oh what marvelous things He can make out of us if we would just humble ourselves and let Him. I testify that Jesus Christ is the Creator of the world. He was foreordained from the beginning to be our Savior and how eternally grateful I am for His humility and complete submission to the Father's will. I love Him!!

I am grateful to be a missionary sharing the most important message this world has ever known, and will ever know. Family, friends, the everlasting, restored Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is TRUE. This is real life. Real eternity! So much of the time we are just too casual about it. Eternal life hangs in the balance. Why are we afraid to open our mouths? Those around us need what we have :)

I love you, I'm grateful for you, have the best week ever :)

Con todo mi corazon y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

Last time getting Panaderia bread in Garden!
Love these ladies :)

Xaviera and friends :) LOVE THEM!

Kansas in all its beauty!

ELDER Shumway!!

MTC buds!!

Suuuper small gas station on the way to
Guymon! haha the sign says "We don't
"accept checks". Not sure why "accept
checks" is in quotations.

Sister Rosell and I took away somebody's cigarettes!!
First time someone has let me do that!! :D

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