Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Conversation With Audge

Valarie happened to be e-mailing Audrey while Audrey was doing her e-mails and was able to ask her a few questions on the spot.

Here is their little Q&A session :)

How are you?

I'm doing really well. My comps and I are working really well together and getting work DONE for our investigators. I am teaching without any notes, hopefully that will continue. I'm working on speaking Spanish as much as I can. I'm learning a lot, but I fear I'm not retaining anything....

How do you get to teach people who are not members??

Um. Right now we have two "investigators" who are also our teachers. But we have a thing called "TRC" where we teach non members. It's just scary. But good practice. THEY JUST SPEAK SO FAST! It's hard to go off of stuff you don't understand. But we do our best, and it forces us to use what we know. I enjoy it. I love Spanish!

Who are your companions?

Hermana Adams and Hermana Ballard. Hermana Adams is from Layton, Utah - going to Wichita same day as me. Hermana Ballard is from Rexburg - not related to the apostle - going to LA the day before us.

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