Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 65: "Leon??" "WHAT?!!?!?!?!"

Hi, this is Sister Bringhurst's letter cuuuuuz I'm out of time!! I love you!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER ROSELL!!!!!! I lalalalalalalovvvvve you!!!

The subject this week comes from the best dinner appointment I have
had on my mission. An older couple fed us and the elders and I just
can't explain how funny it was. I wish I recorded it.

Also, met a girl named Ariana. You think that's how you spell it?
Think again. She spells it Aureiyona. Adding that to my list of kids
names! Along with Chatauqua. Did I ever tell you about that? Probably
not... #sorry

This week was... Enlightening? Yeah. Learned a TON and I finally feel
like I turned everything over to the Savior. Took me long enough..

But really, I just decided after stake conference this weekend that I
just needed to have faith. That things WILL work because it's HIS
work, not because of anything I would do.

(Me) We learned this week that really. All you need is faith. There's
a reason it's the first principle of the gospel. We are working on
ditching the doubts and forgetting faithless phrases :) you like that?
Haha since we have been working on using the Atonement to change our
mindset, we have seen MIRACLES. The Lord has been able to do so much
more for us because we believe He will! It has been awesome to see and
expect everything to happen as the Lord promises it will.
We have found solid people to teach and the Lord is answering our prayers.

We're working with an awesome investigator named Heather! She is going
to school at WSU and is really searching for what's missing in her
life. She's doing really awesome and definitely needs prayers! She is preparing to be baptized on September 19th.

Also we had a super cool experience last night. We went to help and
talk to some people moving outside last night and one of them, Holly,
saw our name tags and like immediately started asking tons of
questions. She and her sister have gone through a lot recently. The
biggest thing was their mom passed away a few years ago and they also
lost their dad about a month ago. It was amazing to talk about the
plan of salvation and also clear up the weird things they had heard
about Mormons :) love that haha. It definitely made me realize how
incredibly grateful I am for the knowledge we have of the plan for us
and how much peace I feel about what happens after this life. We're
super excited to meet with them again and share more of the gospel
with them!

I love being a missionary!! And I love my Savior and am so grateful
for the relationship I've been able to build and strengthen with Him
this last year. The time is going by way too fast and I know I don't
have any more to waste. I hope you all are doing well! Have the best

Sister Bringhurst

(Me) Turn to the Savior. That's what I learned this week. Stop turning
towards myself and look to Him and live. Probably the most eternal
thing I could ever learn. Oh man, gotta love my mission :) gotta love


Con todo mi corazón y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

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