Friday, May 15, 2015

Week 48: Meetings Galore

HEYA!!! :) Happy Monday! And happy 11 months....? Wut. Don't ask me how that happened becaaaause I don't know!

I know you all have seen the, I haven't been in or seen a tornado yet! Although we have had some pretty good conditions for them! We are definitely feeling the protection from your prayers - so thank you!

It was such a joy to see the family yesterday! Oh how I LOVE you!!! I loved sharing our testimonies with each other and just feeling of your bright bright Spirits. Thank you for your love and your consecration to the Lord and His everlasting Gospel. Your examples motivate me on the daily :)

A few times last week, we witnessed a few families reject the Gospel. It broke my heart for them! I just wish I didn't have such great weaknesses and could have the best words, the most powerful testimony, to help them see just a little glimpse of the ETERNAL happiness with their FAMILIES they are willfully declining. We must do everything we can, so that their agency is truly the only thing standing in their way of accepting the Gospel. I am grateful my family is eternal, sealed by the power of Jesus Christ.

This past week we had a LOT of meetings. Lots and lots. Interviews with President Bell and Zone Training. When you are serving in the farthest area of the mission, that travel time adds up, let me tell ya! Anyway, so our time to work was a little slighted this week which was a bummer, but this week is going to be SO much better, with lots of time to work work work!
I am so grateful for all the meetings we have had though, I felt so uplifted and inspired in every single one of them, accompanied with an even stronger desire to work harder and be better.

Especially during interviews with President Bell and the trainings from the his Assistants. Ya know how people always say that we need to prepare for special meetings in the Church? Especially General Conference and such? Yeah, well, I decided to come prepared to that meeting and now I have a testimony of preparation! So. I read what they said to read, I pondered on my mission during personal study that morning and came with questions to ask President Bell. It made the world of a difference. I felt the Spirit so strongly as President Bell and I discussed the topics I had brought with me. I know he is inspired.
As the Assistants to the President gave their trainings, they asked time and time again for us to reflect on our missions. On the miracles. On our experiences. And the tears just flowed. One of them asked me "Sister Shumway, I see that you are already in tears, why do you love your mission?" haha thanks. I could hardly respond. I. Love. My. Mission. And all that goes with that. All the trials, all the tears, all the hard hard hard hard times that make the miracles so so sweet. I love what my mission has done to me, what the Atonement has changed in me, and I know I can never go back to what I was and who I was. The gist: I love my mission. :)

I love all of you and hope you have such a fabulous week! I feel your love, I feel your prayers, thank you so much!

Con todo mi corazon y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

When the Elder's put your groceries away....
Volunteering at the Poker Run!!

I saw CHARLA!!!! :D

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