Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 15: "Just another day in the mission..."


How's that for some Spanglish. Gotta love it :) haha sometimes I'll be teaching someone - speakin Spanish and all - then just randomly say a word in English in the mix of it all even though I know the word in Spanish...weird. haha it always makes me laugh.

Thank you for ALL of the letters this week!!! Thank you to my loving mommy and big sister Cara and my wonderful friend Elder Trey Branham in Costa Rica, and my fabulous CCM companion Hermana Ricci Adams for the letters you sent me! And also, thank you to my wonderful parents for the package!

The subject of this email is from a young man in our branch named Omar. He drove past us the other day at a stop light and I guess our faces looked not super excited or happy. hahaha so he demonstrated what we looked like and then said this. We. Were. DYING. I was laughing really really really hard. Maybe it was just cuz we were really tired - who knows? But I thought I would share - hope it made you laugh :)

Another funny story. I almost got eaten by a German Shepherd. Just trying to share the gospel! We walked inside the gate to the house, the dog immediately stood up on the porch. Sis Hymas decided it was time to go. The house looked so friendly though - not something you see on every street in Topeka! We closed the gate and started to walk away, but the dog started walking towards the gate, head down. I walked back towards it saying "Well, Sister Hymas what if it's a nice doggy!" I bent down and started talking to it through the gate, it growled and jumped up on the fence and I quickly jumped back and said "Whoa! Not nice, NOT NICE." hahaha Sister Hymas was laughing SOOOOO hard. It was funny. But I really did want to knock that door!!! We'll have to go back...haha :)

Awesome spiritual, Heavenly Father-is-totally-guiding-us story for this week! So we received a referral a couple of weeks ago from some Elders in our zone for a girl named Wendy! We went and met her and taught her the first lesson. Sister Hymas and I both felt like the lesson didn't go as well as it should have so we were kind of bummed about that, but Wendy ended up going to church last week with her boyfriend so that was super awesome! At church they called them "investigators" (please don't call anyone that), and we talked about some not-super-deep-but-still-not-quite-surface-doctrine and some other things happened so we were really concerned with what she thought of it....

We went and saw her and asked her what she thought of it. SHE LOVED IT. Can you say miracle? I can. ;) anyway, she loved it. And as we were talking her mom and step dad show up at her house. She tells us she's moving to California with them in like 2 days - wait, what? And her step dad told us that he is a LESS ACTIVE MEMBER. Wendy didn't tell us ANYTHING about that!!! What?!!? Then he said that he hadn't been active for 20 years and that seeing us made him feel like he really needs to go back again, but he felt bad because he and Wendy's mom aren't married and there are some legal issues going on, but we told him that he just needs to GO! And Wendy got all excited about them all going to church together in California :) It was a lot cooler, but I am running out of time so that's all I can share about it. Oh! Then Wendy's mom gave us super cute watches from Charming Charlie's just completely out of the blue!! They are so nice!!! I love them so much and the missionaries in California are getting some awesome people :)

Anyway, love you all so much! Know Heavenly Father is guiding me! I love this work, so grateful to be His servant and His missionary!

Con todo mi corazon y mi amor,

Hermana Shumway

Thanks for the package!!

Mustache binky!! (Carly I knew you would love this!!)

Thanks for the CTR rings!! I love them, and Sonia, Jose,
and their little brother, Kevin, do too. I will give them
to everyone I help come unto Christ through baptism!!

Tons of personalized license plates here.......

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