Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Audrey's First Letter

My most wonderful parents!

Well I made it!!! Thank you for your beautiful email - it made me cry! I loved reading it. You are so sweet.
You guys are silly!! We parked on the 4th floor like RIGHT outside the entrance to the airport! 
Hey mom.. before you change the service on my phone to dad´s, will you just email those sweet texts everyone sent to me so we have them? Just hold down on the message and click copy then put it right into an email or word doc or whatever. I would love that. If you don´t get around to it, don´t stress though :)

Now for your questions.

We found we had a couple more stragglers join us in the gate and on the plane so there were a pretty big group of us...maybe like high teens. Lots of the missionaries are going to New York, New York North and Los Angelos! Another boy is going to Wichita and then a couple are going to Nicaragua! The flight was great. I read a little bit of scriptures and a little in the Ensign, but tried to sleep - and I did get some rest surprisingly! I had a little chat with the lady sitting next to me (in Spanish of course!!) just telling her that I´m going to Mexico to learn Spanish to go on a mission for my church. She asked where in Mexico and where I´m serving. I did okay communicating. She asked me if I knew a lot of Spanish and I said only very little then she told me that it´s all about practicing. I look forward to taking her advice and was proud of myself for speaking to her. 

Elder Hironaka sat behind me to the right and there was a Elder who came on the flight later who sat right behind me, going to Nicaragua just like Elder Hironaka. I did get pesos. I got them right before I headed down to my gate. They were right where Aunt Cheryl said they were - grateful for her!! Getting through customs...really long line, but it was fine! They gave us the paperwork for customs on the flight - I´m sure the people around me thought I was crazy cuz I checked that thing SO many times to make sure I had all the write info in the right places - haha so me, I know. 

After customs, we couldn´t find our bags for a few minutes, but of course we did then we found the MTC people and we walked a ways (yes, I took care of my own bags, mom!) and got to the CCM (MTC in Spanish) bus! Mexico City is A LOT different than I thought it would be! The buildings are SUUUUPER close together with little roads between them and everyone parks along the curb. The driving lanes are really really close together, we got kinda scared a couple times, but of course all was well :) Ciudad de Mexico is really really colorful too!! I couldn´t help but picture Elder White being here in a couple months...he will love it!!! Lots of interesting paint jobs on the buildings...haha and the logo for Quaker State or something like that is EVERYWHERE. I have no idea what it means or what it is, just thought you would like to know that that company or whatever it is is all over the place. 

Getting to the Mexico MTC has been a lot different than I think getting to the Provo MTC. We didn´t have a huge group meeting or anything. We had a little welcome by one of the Brothers here then they sent us off to eat where EVERYONE knew that we were the newbies. haha it was funny - we all were like HOW DO THEY KNOW!!?! There aren´t very many people here so I guess they memorize faces - I was impressed! Lots of sisters came up to us (the girls I was traveling with and me) and said hello, everyone of course is super nice and I´ve seen a couple buddies from BYU already which is super awesome! After dinner (PS I was suuuper hungry so I was grateful they let us eat so quickly) we got a little bit more orientation stuff (very casual - not like a meeting or anything, just a small group of us who got here at the same time), then we met with the doctor for a bit, now I´m emailing!!

 My P day is on Tuesdays! So expect to hear from me again then :) 

I have 2 companions! Hermana Ballard and Hermana Adams! I haven´t talked to them much yet, but they are so cute! It´s interesting- they just told us ´´go find your companions! if you don´t find them, stick with someone else!´´ haha we were like uhhhh okay!! It´s awesome :) I can´t wait to start doing stuff!! I love it already and just can´t wait to get used to everything just to leave again! 

Thank for for the love and support. I love you ohhhh soooo muuuuuch. Talk to you soon!!

Con todo mi amor y mi corazon,

Hermana Shumway

PS I don´t think there´s wifi around here soooo I don´t know if I´ll be able to send pics but I got some cute ones! I love you!

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